forever and a day.

May 9, 2011

oh my god, i fail at blogging. really, i do. its been exactly 41 days since i posted last. and i completely left out everything about Mal March (i was clearly too busy knitting, but i digress). thankfully, now that APs are over I should be a bit more dilligent with my updates. I’ve decided not to try to post an update on everything I’ve knit since march 1st, so we’re just going to start from today. If you want to check out everything else I’ve knit check out my notebook on ravelry, but i’ll give you an overview since the beginning of march.
Since March 1 I’ve made:
2 full adult cardigans
1 baby blanket
1 baby sweater
3 hats
3 toys
1 leg warmer (yes, only one)
1.5 ankle socks (haven’t quite finished those yet)
1 set of thrummed slippers (my first thrums!)
and my very first lace shawl. (i’m already knee deep in my second too!)

here are the slippers. I based them off this tutorial.
Yarn: Ironstone Harmony, Blue Faced Leicester Unspun Roving
Needle: US 11
They are sooo warm and cozy, and were my first attempt at thrumming. I used the fair isle method. I had to frog these 4 times, but I finished them in one day (besides two of the froggings). Awesome project!



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