meet the ‘stache crew.

March 28, 2011

gah! i haven’t posted in forever! (well, only a month, but what feels like forever). between malabrigo march, preparing my first pattern for submission, assistant teaching needle arts, college visits, spring break, exams and school traditions i haven’t had much time to update Ravelry or the blog!

but today (yes, it took vast amounts of procrastination) i decided to turn my knitting skills into something that aided an inside joke.

Me and 4 of my close friends always draw mustaches on our fingers. It started at a required program one friday and it just kinda stuck. After searching on Ravelry for Incognito, an adorable cowl with a mustache design, i found a great little pattern for mustache finger warmers.

Meet the ‘stache crew!

each of us has a different design. the yarns are either madelinetosh dk or mal worsted, in various colorways. the black is WOTA from knitpicks.

god, i love my friends. only us.

next time i’ll include all of my mal madness projects!


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