c’mon guys, help me out.

January 16, 2011

so, being a high school student, i have limited yarn funds which generally rely on giftcards from family members at christmas and birthdays. (and the occasional time when i can get my mother to pity me for some reason and buy me yarn. i tell her knitting is mathematic and its good exercise for my brain.) but, i recently found Eat.Sleep.Knit, a wonderful online yarn store with great prices. (they also made me a MadTosh junkie, but thats cool with me, not so much with my budget, but my budget can get over it.) ESK has this awesome thing called the Yarnathon. You “run” a marathon by buying their yarn and get really cool (and secretive) prizes when you hit marathon milestones. But here’s the really cool thing for me, the broke MadTosh junkie: if i connect my blog to my Yarnathon account, I get 5 yards for everyone who clicks my link to ESK, so c’mon people, help a girl out and



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