alpaca love.

January 28, 2011

newest design sneak peek!

stay tuned for the details, FO and pattern!


toast and honey

January 28, 2011

meet my newest dorcas project/pattern.

for favoring, each junior chooses a senior to give a small $5 gift for. Maddie is one of my favorite seniors, a friend/fellow benchwarmer from field hockey, and i wanted to make her something. I had two skeins of KnitPicks Swish Worsted in Avocado leftover from my Guacamole Pullover, so the gift didn’t actually cost me anything, and it barely took any time. I knew I wanted to do gloves, so i decided on fingerless driving ones. I had seen Toast/Toasty on Rav as a very popular pattern for fingerless mitts so i knew they would be perfect, but I didn’t want anything too simple, so i had to jazz them up. I decided on the honeycomb pattern, one of my favorites from my Honey Cowl. I really like the result:

Meet Toast and Honey, a hybrid of the two patterns:

pm me on rav if you want the details, since i don’t think i can write up the pattern, as much as i would like to!


missing and misti

January 26, 2011

wow. my last post was on the 18th! too long to not post, but too much going on too post. so here we go. after this whirlwind of a weekend, or i guess somewhere in the middle of it all, i found myself in Washington Depot, CT eating lunch at the Pantry. (wonderful restaurant/ gourmet food store/ cooking store. i mean awesome) I went there for Career day last year and just couldn’t get over how good it was. and how much butter they used, but lets not get OT. But the best part about Washington Depot is that it is home to the nearest LYS.

Enter, The Village Sheep.

a charming and beautifully decorated yarn store run by, guess what, a young knitter! i officially know a young, obsessive knitter like myself. a miracle, i know. if you live in the area you should definitely stop by. Although she does not carry Madelinetosh or Malabrigo, (she said the was sorry đŸ˜¦ ) she does carry a wonderful array of Rowan, Misti Alpaca, Blue Sky Alpacas, Cascade, Spud and Chloe and bunches of other brands. They have a charming sitting area and sell adorable notions and i think I even spotted some KnitPicks needles (now that they’re on wholesale!)

Anywho, although i arrived hoping to take home three skeins of Malabrigo Twist in Sunset for a Cedar Leaf Shawlette, I was not disappointed.

I left with something even better. these adorable little gift tags (mother insisted on them, i just laughed.)

Three skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky in an Olive colorway

and a brewing design idea. Check back for knitty updates on that soon!

i am officially a knitwear designer!

I’ve published my first pattern on Ravelry. Its free, and you can find it


Its called the Belgian Waffles Hat

I know its not much, but its been a really important step for me in my knitting life. I hope you all like it!

oh hey, new blog name…

January 18, 2011

so yeah, i was trying to find a more color coordinating picture for the header of zee blog and i realized that there are about 1.5 MILLION blogs with the name Knits and Pearls. SO. I went back to the original name that it had for all of about .25 seconds, but was left as the URL. so alas, welcome to Preps and Purls:

same girl, same pearls, new name.

(and i didn’t even find a good header picture…)

i finished my honey cowl!
i love it, its super cozy, but i’m not thrilled with it.
i would have liked to have made the large size and had it 10in wide, but i only had one skein.

the yarn is really pretty too, but it has pinks and blues in it which i didn’t expect.

the yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in Polar Morn, love!

i got lots of compliments on it today, and it kept me warm over my hundreds of hours in the library this afternoon. portrait of a lady essay, here i come.

but for now, a shower and the varsity basketball game v. canterbury.


c’mon guys, help me out.

January 16, 2011

so, being a high school student, i have limited yarn funds which generally rely on giftcards from family members at christmas and birthdays. (and the occasional time when i can get my mother to pity me for some reason and buy me yarn. i tell her knitting is mathematic and its good exercise for my brain.) but, i recently found Eat.Sleep.Knit, a wonderful online yarn store with great prices. (they also made me a MadTosh junkie, but thats cool with me, not so much with my budget, but my budget can get over it.) ESK has this awesome thing called the Yarnathon. You “run” a marathon by buying their yarn and get really cool (and secretive) prizes when you hit marathon milestones. But here’s the really cool thing for me, the broke MadTosh junkie: if i connect my blog to my Yarnathon account, I get 5 yards for everyone who clicks my link to ESK, so c’mon people, help a girl out and


yarn eye-candy.

January 16, 2011

Mal Worsted in Polar Morn for a honey cowl

5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Aloe for my Que Sera by the lovely Kirsten Kapur, who alongside Hannah Fettig (as you all know) is my favorite knitwear designer (she also requested to use my Huaraz picture for the pattern’s rav page this morning, which almost made me pee my pants with glee, but nevermind that.)

a real-live narnia

January 13, 2011

so, i finally have those Narnia pictures i promised.


(we were taking pictures….and then some guy in a red sweatshirt ran by, and we couldn’t stop laughing…)


me and some of my best friends dressed up as the narnia crew for famous families day last year so we made it an event to see the new movie this year. we even wore our homemade tshirts!


M and R decided to pull their pants down….don’t ask me why.

and after the HUGE blizzard yesterday, it really looked like narnia outside.

(quad, with 2 feet of snow. its a little blurry, but it was really dark out and the shutter speed was like, 2 seconds long.)
so we have now had two, yes, count ’em, two sweatpants days.
so i thought i should treat myself, you know for going to one of only four schools that were open in CT yesterday to…….

a new hat! (pattern: Ariosa Pom-Pom Hat by Hannah Fettig, yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in a pale yellow (colorway 2630))

happy blizzard everyone!

knitting is not my only “creative outlet” as my mother would say.
i am also one of the photography students at my school and this term’s elective is Permanent Pigment Printing, which is digital. For my concentration, I decided to bind together my two loves, knitting and photography. So J and I took a little chilly excursion outside today before the snow gets soooo high tonight its up to our knees. It allowed me to do a couple of things:
1. Take lots of lovely pictures of my various knits.
2. Allowed me to be prepared for photo class today
3. I finally have FO pictures of my Alpaca/Silk Confection Scarf (I used Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace)

(with my Huaraz Earflap Hat)

4. I have pictures of my very first design: the Belgian Waffle Hat! (seperate post with pattern soon!)

three things that I did anyway, snowy photoshoot or not:
1. Got a knitting notebook, you know, so I can actually start designing (ahhhh!)

2. Started my Ribbon Lace Scarf in Malabrigo Sock in Cote d’Azure

3. Found out that I am desperate to make a Tea Leaves Cardigan in madelinetosh dk in Ink or Clematis , so I started a Tea Leaves Cardigan Fund so I can save up for the yarn from Eat.Sleep.Knit.!

a post with my first pattern and maybe some Narnia pictures soon!