a preppy, knitting…football fan?

December 22, 2010

i’ve grown up around football. but not just any football, New York Football.

as in

none other, nothing better.
yet, they have been better. Lots better.
i went to the game on sunday, we have season tickets; always have. All was well until, as D says, the last 8 minutes. Up until them, we were crushing the Eagles, and i mean crushing. And these are the Eagles were talking about. You know, our arch-nemises. Well, maybe I’m making this sound slightly similar to a high-drama cartoon. But still. We were crushing the Eagles. Which is good, because that means we had a shot at the Division title. YAY PLAYOFFS! But alas, they screwed up. And no, they did not make a silly little mistake, not just a little tiny error. They screwed themselves on this one. We had a three touchdown lead, which they let go, and that would have been kind of okay, (well no it actually sucked) but they didn’t leave it at that. No, they fumbled on a punt return at the last couple of seconds of the game to allow the Eagles to run it back and score in the last play of the game.
Yes, they did.
Not kidding, wish I was.
So unless we somehow beat the Packers and the Redskins (whom we killed two weeks ago, so thats not particularly my biggest worry) we have just thrown away our chances of the playoffs.
On the contrary, my father’s Christmas present is finally finished, but sans pom-poms. Once they are finished I’ll get pictures. Maybe even “in action” shots. Cool, huh?

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