if blogging were an olympic sport…

December 19, 2010

i would fail at it. well, i do fail at it.

i’ve had about 5 blogs and i haven’t managed to keep up with any of them. but i’ve been keeping up with my knitting (yay!) and i’ve been reading all of my favorite knitting blogs. (Yarn Harlot, Knitbot, Through the Loops and Leeleetea just to name a few) and I decided that I need to get on track and make my own.

So here we are.

I’ve been knitting like a madwoman, finishing hat after cowl after sweater. Its the only way I stay sane at school. Here are a few of my recent FOs.
My Huaraz Hat (rav link sorry) using Malabrigo Worsted in Natural, and some Mal Silky Merino in Archangel for the pom poms
My Merry Christmas Santa Hat using Mal Worsted in Sealing Wax and Natural (held double)
My Cabled Cardi in KnitPicks Merino Style in Hawk

I’ve been working on my Christmas knitting, during which craziness will always ensue. Some WIP posts and (hopefully) some FO reports to come. You know, in between all the craziness.


One Response to “if blogging were an olympic sport…”

  1. arathernonnymouse said

    Any chance you have some of the Knitpicks Merino Style in Hawk yarn left that I could buy from you?

    I am 2 skeins short of a huge shawl!

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